Do you think he's serious about me? help guys!?

Well we started off as friends (like January this year) and have been talking for months since we met. I wasn't sure if I liked him to start with but he had taken an instant liking to me.

Anyways, 3 weeks ago I was relatively drunk. I decided I wanted to see him and thought I'd kiss him and see where things went. He seemed so shocked that I kissed him.

Since then we've been dating and growing fond of each other. He's 29 and I'm 21 and we both kinda want the same things from life. He's even started giving up smoking because I don't like it.

Anyway, we talk about everything and I remember saying to him a while back that I wanted to have twin boys one day with blue eyes. Strangely enough, he has blue eyes.

Last night when I saw him, we were talking about the future, marriage and kids etc. Before I left him I said that we both seemed to want the same things and we could provide each other with what we want.

He then put his arms around me and said 'and then I'd marry you, get you preggers and have twin boys with blue eyes' which I was shocked at because he's usually very reserved on that front.

We've talked today and he said that if I ever did happen to get pregnant anytime soon, he'd never walk out on me or the child. We've also admitted we love each other a lot (as friends) and like each other a lot as friends.

Do you think this guy's for real? He also wants to try and abstain from sex until I marry him.


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  • The fact he gave up smoking and sex makes me think he's serious. Also, most guys don't casually say they want to put a baby inside a girl and be willing to give up having a sex (for a period of time). It's not something we say to just anyone.

    I'm curious, why ask random strangers online? do you have some underlying trust issues? are you hesitant to believe him for any particular reason? Seems you should know the answer already.

    • I know you're right. And yes, I do have problems with trust and I'm just not sure it's possible that he could feel so strongly about me so quickly, which is why I wanted to check :) thank you for your help!

    • I think you two will be alright. Part of being in love is both of you taking that leap. Hope it works out.

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  • Seems like you guys are taking it in the way you want. Avoiding sexual intimacy doesn't mean that he needs serious relationship with you. I'm pulling this out because that's what your whole context was.

    Anyways my personal tip : i would date someone at least for 2-4 years before taking it to the marriage phase. Then you realize & can make a clear and responsible choice. Good luck miss!

    • He wants a relationship. It's me whos scared to take the step. But he seems to be wanting to take the next step and is 'falling for me'. 2-4 years is a long time! But thank you :)

    • Don't hurry up things because he wants. if you are not on the same page, start hanging out with him a lot & know well about him. Time will answer your question.

  • He sounds like he's head over heels.

  • Yes beautiful.. He is in to you. But do not get pregnant b4 marriage

  • I think people should wait and have kids over the age of thirty

    • Well, unfortunately for you - it wasn't a question of what age you think people should have children. So, yeah, your opinion was a waste of time :)

    • Well thank you for your insult i truly appreciate it

  • what do you want?

    • what do you mean what do I want?

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    • And yeah he knows this is what I want too :)

    • ...I think there is love in the air...

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