Is he BS-ing me or am I sabotaging this?

So, in August of last year, this guy starts following my Instagram. For about six months he 'deep liked' all of my Instagram pictures. I later find out that this guy actually works for the same retail company that I do, and that one-day while shopping in his store, he saw me and eventually through mutual friends found me on Instagram.

The beginning of this year, we exchanged numbers, and eventually he asked me out on a date. However, when I agreed , he would flake the day of. This happened three or four times.Eventually we attended the same art show, and he ended up hanging out with me and my friends. The next day he told me over text he wanted to kiss me that night but he was afraid.

The next time I saw him, I initiated we go get coffee, we went out for coffee and talked for 3 hours and he told me really deep stuff about his family, his mother, his father, his childhood, and his last relationship, which was 3 years and she cheated on him. He invited me to his band's show, and told me he wanted to show off for me, which he did. He even instagramed a photo of us together, and started following the accounts of all of my friends that he met. When we go out, he would get a bit jealous of the guys that would look at me and he has been very protective, attentive and sweet. I have also met quite a few of his friends. After seeing each other a few weeks, this past Friday he kissed me and it was amazing - but the problem is this;

He 'deep likes' other girls instagram pictures, just about daily and is flirty in the comments. He posted a woman crush Wednesday of a girl he knew. This has been going on before he even kissed me, I just did not bring it up because I know we are not exclusive. But I worry this is a trend that isn't going to stop. After seeing these likes on Instagram I have not texted him for a few days, and he just texted me today - but I was less cheerful than normal. am I handling this correctly? should I be concerned?


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  • I think you just need to speak to him and find out where you're both at. It sounds to me like your basing the whole thing on him liking your Instagram photos... You can see how silly that sounds. Just speak to him, he obviously likes you that's why he invited you out with his friends and kissed you and is now texting. If you really like him then just speak to him about your exclusivity, everyone is entitled to know where they stand in a relationship.