I have a crush but.I think it is so hopeless?

Hi I like a girl so much can't explain
so she's my sister friend, and she's 2 year older than me and we met on Facebook and when I saw her profile pic it was so amazing she's so beautiful

so we started chatting and it have been 2 months we chat daily for two to five hours
and I think she likes because she never end conversation and she says you are very sweet and you are very nice and also you're very funny

but the problem is she's 18 and I'm 16 so she's taller then me 2 inch obviously which girl wants a short guy (also I'm skinny :( ... so I have joined the Gym to get a good personality and then I'll ask her out...

but the main problem is does she wait for me 1 year for me I know no one wait...I think maybe she'll get bored with me by just chatting for 1 year and she's beautiful... so maybe some other guy picked her up: (

what should I do please suggest

Thank you...


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  • Some girls - like myself, actually prefer shorter guys. Don't generalize her, you don't know her that well so you don't know what she wants yet. If she takes time out of her day to talk to you that much then you already have your foot in the door. Relationships end up being more meaningful when you start out as friends and take things SLOW. Enjoy getting to know her and if you decide to ask her out, then do things such as go get coffee, or go on group outings, that way you can see her for who she really is without making much of a commitment. You want to make sure she is not a user and that you will be happy with her, so don't sweat it. If she truly likes you, then she will hang in there, and if not, well you will have an amazing friend that you click with. Don't lose hope if it doesn't work, I have plenty of friends who tried things when they were younger and now they're in their twenties and are trying things again and the relationships are so much better once you're an adult and have your life together. Stay positive and enjoy the ride!


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  • "so I have joined the Gym to get a good personality"
    Lol, how is that working out for you?

    Funny thing, I was watching this kdrama the other day, and on one episode this girl was trying to change herself in order to confess to her crush. But still during this process, he ends up inviting her to his show (he was some sort of magician) and that's when she realized that that was her only chance!
    You know what I'm trying to say? There's such a thing as timing. You never know when you'll be "ready"; you say one year, but who knows, and in the end it doesn't really matter. You're talking to her now and you're getting along well, so I think now is the moment.
    Being short and skinny have really not much to do with love and besides you're still growing.

  • Sometimes age dose not matter, its just a number. Get to know here in real life, and not just over facebook.


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