Decipher post-first-date symptoms?

I met an amazing guy online, we texted/talked for about a week. He would text me during his lunch hour to see how my day was, and I really appreciated that. He asked lots of questions, really wanted to get to know me. So we decided to meet up for drinks and had a great time. I respond when he texts me, but for a long time, sometimes until the next day, he won't text back, and if he does, it's a very brief one. Anyway, we had a GREAT date, and I know he also had a good time. He said that he definitely wanted to see me again and that he would give me a call later. He didn't call that day but he did send a "how's your day?" text 2 mornings later. I replied, and for 24 hours have gotten nothing.

Now, I know he has a life, and so do I, but I just need a guy's POV. Do guys really play hard to get? It seems like something only the females do. Could this be what he is doing or is it more likely that maybe he was not attracted to me? He did kiss me, put his hand on my back, and hold my hand, so I'm doubting this is the issue. I'm just wondering why guys will text very often before the date, and rarely afterwards.

Help, boys? :) Where do I go from here?

P.S. This date was on Saturday, it's only been a few days. I haven't been sitting around for weeks waiting.


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  • Guys who have good first dates make second dates. Sorry.

    • Yes. But the question is, how long do guys generally wait to make a 2nd date? It's only been 2 days.

    • 2-3 days, usually, never longer than a week--gotta beat the competition.

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