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Became pretty good buddies with a girl I work with, she's taken however. For some reason she sought me out as friends. We never talked about stuff other than small talk but I always felt there were more than friends feelings. She would always put herself around me and we ended up talking 3-4 days a week in the hallways or break room together. I never really saw her do this with anyone else but me. She would find ways like follow me out into the hallway or be somewhere she'd know I'll be at a certain time type stuff. She'd do this a bunch band then back off and disappear for a few days then start over. I didn't treat her very nicely because i felt it was messing with my head so I would ignore her occasionally. At first she'd seek me out and kind of chase a bit. Also a as a bit of jealous games between the two if us. At least it def seemed so. She'd flirt in front of me with a buddy of mine and watch me while I did it's sowmtimes I felt all she wanted I know was if I liked her or not so she'd test me out. I didn't like being made jealous so I would skip many of out group lunches. I also ignored her for a long streak and kind if knew if pay for it in my gut. I could tell she was mad or fed up with me because she'd act real short and only say hi if I did first. One day my buddy tells me she has been following him out to the parking lot when he leaves for lunch or to go home like everytime and that she's been talking to him in the mornings on the way in meeting up. Much like her and i used to. He also mentioned it was weirding him out. I decided I was going to talk to her again so we kind if hit it off again rather quick and was emailing and flirting again. My buddy tells me a month later she quit following him out if no where. Coincidence? This whole thing has been weird from the start. She for aong time was skipping group lunches of I go and go if I'm out if town.


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  • there is so many games in this story that we will never guess the truth here on gag. so my advice to you is to confront her, grow a pair of balls and ask her out. ask her hey are you seeing anybody u got a bf? see what she says. if she says she's single tell her you're interested in getting to know her and would like to take her out sometime. to make it easier on both of you, hand her your number. then ball is in her court. if she's interested she will contact you.

    simple. stop playing dumb games they dont get u anywhere and give u mental stress. and drama.


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  • well if she is taken, then i'd bet her boyfriend found out she was doing this stuff with you and your friend and put a stop to it.

  • She sounds like she just wants to know that guys are interested in her even if she has a boyfriend. I wouldn't be too interested if I were you. Especially since she did the same with your friend.

    • What was weird is how she went to my buddy when i ignored her and quite talking with him when I started paying attention again?

  • she sounds like she's got major issues…that's why.

    • What if she were single? What would your thought be? Keep in mind I know she's a little off.

    • Then I would think she's in need of attention and awfully dramatic.

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