Girl not responding as much/soon as before; what should I do?

Background story: Followed friend's advice; made an OKC account. Messaged girl, she's pretty awesome, she's an hour flight away, progressed to huge messages of 13-16 paragraphs, then suddenly she drops off the face of the planet. I find her on FB a week later through a miraculous search (first name + company worked at), she accepts friend request and messages me back.

It's been a day since she saw my last message to her, but still no response. I don't see any other guys on the wall/photos, so I'm a bit confused by the sudden fall out if there's some other guy making a move. She also disabled her OKC account after I disabled mine (friend checked).

I'm thinking of making a last ditch effort for this since I really, really like her. You don't write 4-page term papers with someone (both sides) if you didn't like each other. Maybe.

Do I message her asking for her phone number OR mention that I'll be in her city in 3 weeks for a business trip and would like to take her out to coffee? Or maybe both. I suck at wording it out.

Any advice would be really awesome, thanks!

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Also, if you have any input on what the girl may be thinking, that'd be appreciated as well. I'll award a BA in a couple of hours.


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  • You can try.. I'd say it's possibly a lost cause. She might already be in a relationship or just isn't interested. Maybe she talked to someone about you and they griefed her so much that she doesn't want to talk to you now?

    I don't mean to be negative, but bad things do happen.

    You can always tell her that you really like her and want to see if things will work out. If not, move on to the next one.

    • I see what you mean; it makes sense. Just for the sake of a shot, would you suggest that I just briefly message that I like her, would like to get to know her more, and ask her out? Or is that too much in one go? I mean, she hasn't responded to my message from last night as it stands.

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    • Whelp, she saw it, no response. Was worth a shot. I'll be giving you Most Helpful once it's available.

    • :) thank you for the top comment. ^_^

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  • you could try messaging, but she may not answer like she did with your last one. i would try to initiate a coffee date.

  • I am assuming she has a BF or maybe even husband who found her account. That's normally why people disappear. She probably felt bad when you contacted her on FB, but her lack of talking to you tells me something is going on you don't know about. This is a huge red flag. Run as fast as you can.


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