Is he just playing me? please help?

Ok so I met this guy on tinder who I actually went to high school with but we never hung out in HS. We hung out that night and it wasn't awkward at all and we just talked for a few hours and it was good and then at the end of the night he kissed me and said he would text me. He texted me right after I left and said how cute I was and that it was crazy that "I flew under his radar for 4 years". I thought it was very sweet but the next day we went back to college (it was spring break). We both go to schools outside of our home state. I did not think he would continue to text me since we wouldn't be in the same town for another 9 weeks. But he texted me everyday besides like 3. And I was so happy to be home so we could finally hangout again. He had talked a lot about how we're going to hang out this summer and how its gonna be so much fun. But we've been home for 4 days and we still have been texting but he hasn't asked to hangout yet... I'm so confused. I asked him one night if he wanted to hang with my friends and I but he said he couldn't. and when I said I was bummed that he couldn't he said not to worry that we have the whole summer. I know it's only been 4 days but I just want to hang with him so badly and I am losing hope that he will ever ask to. Is he just playing games or what?

Ok so we have hung out twice... just drove around. which I still enjoyed and we only kissed although we text about doing much more. and when I have asked him to hang out he seems to always have an excuse. I don't want to try anymore.


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  • You still have 3 whole months to hang out. It's possible he's talking to other girls, but you're in college, and not in a committed relationship with him. If you're interested then let him know, if he isn't he'll avoid the conversation.

    If you just want to know either way, then you can still pursue him even if he isn't interested, just understand that there's a strong possibility that you two won't work out.

  • Hm, to early to know if he's playing games on not but I think you're coming on a bit strong and just need to relax a bit. Take a breath ahaha, he's right, you did have all the time in the world. Hang out with your other friends and just give him some space, we all need space so. I'm sure he'll call you up, just give it time.

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