Confirming date plans: What does it mean when he leaves you hanging?

Hey guys! I am new to the dating scene and just started using an online dating website. I just recently started talking to this guy online about a week ago. Things were going really well so we exchanged numbers a few days ago. We had texted every day since (not all day texting marathons. Just throughout the day responding to each other when we had time), and he even called me two days ago and we had a wonderful two hour conversation. During the conversation he suggested we get together. A little while after we hung up, he texted me and mentioned how he had a great time talking, he can't stop thinking about me, can't wait to meet, yadda yadda yadda. We chose Friday night as our time to get together, in which he said he wanted to "take me out" because it's payday (lol). We never laid out specifics, but I have had other plans come up for Friday. I texted him yesterday (Tuesday) morning and asked him what time he wanted to meet up Friday because I had to plan some things. I have yet to receive a response. The last time I heard from him was early Monday after he responded to a text I sent him (to which I responded with a statement that needed no reply). My question is: should I wait for him to contact me with the details since I already asked and never received a response (assuming he still wants to or not), or should I contact him sometime early Friday (the day of) to see if we're still on (assuming he's been busy and/or forgot ro respond)? I don't want to bug him or come off as desperate, even though I really want to meet him...haha. Then again, I can't help but to think that if he really wanted to meet he would contact me. Plus, I really want to partake in my other plans as well. Thanks for any input!


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  • Wait for him

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