I think that I am Romantically lonely?

It's been about a year since i ended my last relationship. I have been able to do so much now with my life. (My last girlfriend did not like when I would hang with my friend, or go out to places together, or hold hands in public, or if i came home late from work)

I can actually hang out with my buddies, go out places, and I landed my dream job as an engineer. But a friend of mine and I was talkin and she said that "Dispite [you] being an introvert, no one wants to be alone."

I know am not the most social guy out there and I only have like 3 or 4 really close friends that i've know since middle school. And i am content with that. but i think she was referencing that I need a girlfriend. she said later in the conversation, "If you weren't [lonely] you wouldn't talk to me fo sho"

Another friend keeps telling me "Dude, you need some love in your life, you need to get a girlfriend" then i explain that i am alright and i not really looking

And I guess to some extent they are right. I usually take heed to what my friends say, but I guess my problem is that I have been out of approaching women for so long I feel like I have forgotten how. My job is mostly males my college is 83% dudes and all my classes had at most 2 girls in the class already taken. and me being more introverted I don't think helps...


I don't feel lonely but my friends keep telling me that I should get more involved and meet some girls, I am just unsure how to get back into it. I am not worried about my looks or anything like that. I know the bars and clubs are not for me, but where can I meet single women my age? Its kind of funny am being more forced than anything to go meet girls.


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  • Your friends are wrong. Even if you go about meeting women unless you actually want, with vigor, to enter into one of these social contracts you will likely bail out no matter how wonderful the other person is. This is in my opinion something you must actually want not something you can vicariously acquire.

    • you are right if i am want a girlfriend, I need to want it. not my friends. 'cause like you said, i would take the girl for granted if i got with her. and i would not want that to happen... it'd be like a lie

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  • If you honestly don't feel the need, don't worry about it. Your gal is likely to pop up sooner or later in the least likely of places.

    • Yeah, a part of me is all yeah I should get back into it, but then I think i just need to make sure everything I am trying to accomplish is taken care of. But like I said i don't go out that often, but sooner or later.

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