What should I say back to this guy?

I met this guy online.
Details about him:

Came to Canada almost two years ago from Europe.
Doesn't have many friends here.
Said it.was very hard for him to make friends and get dates ans he msged a lot of girls online..met up with a few and though they didn't like him romantically, they still didn't want to be friends.
Doesn't have many friends here, called me made a speech about why I should go out with him

Went on two dates, after the 2nd date he was distant...didn't text me by himself I had to text him. And he's leaving for a vacation to Europe this week for a few weeks.

I calles him out that he seems distant and doesn't wanna hang. He basically told me that our cultures are too different and we are better off as friends...and he doesn't have many friends here.
I'm Indian but born and raised in the west by the way lol

I'm 23, never had a boyfriend, barely dated..always get rejected. Should I say something back to him? Im really sad right now.


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  • This guy strikes me as kind of shady. I would not truly trust someone I met online. I say that you two should part ways, because he does not seem interested. Don't get attached to something that is already going away

    • Shady in what sense? He's going to back in 2 weeks? Also is he only not interested bc I'm ugly or not pretty enough to him.

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    • Oh so you mean he said that only bc he wasn't attracted to me?

      Does he actually want to remain friends? I am confused.

    • Yup.
      And does he want to stay friends? I don't know. The fact that he is distant makes me think no, but I'm not there to see for myself. Always try and mend friendships when you can :)

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