Should I give this girl flowers anonymously or in person? Or should I give her something else?

I was in class with this girl a while ago and i really liked her. Also she is a really shy person. Recently i just found out where she lives and i dont know if i should send her flowers anonymously or is that a bit too creepy? And i thinking that if i were to walk up to her door and give her the flowers that i should give them to her parents since she is really shy and i dont wanna freak her. Or should i do something else?


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  • I would definitely not do anything like that lol
    I'm very shy myself and its incredibly awkward to get hit on by a stranger, and I would just be creeped out if j got flowers from some guy I didn't know.

    I'd say try to run into her on the street "hey I think I had a class with you.." or find her on Facebook and add her and try messaging.

    I'm always more confident when I get a message from a guy because then I can see if I'd actually want to give him my number or even talk to him at all.

    Don't get her flowers


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  • I would only say to give the flowers anonymously if you didn't' plan on pursuing her. They would be nice to complement her day, and I'm sure she'd enjoy it, but it would be very awkward if you started dating and had to tell her you sent them. Also, since she doesn't know you, walking straight up to her door would also be sort of creepy. I think you need to wait until you know her a little better

  • You should get her what you think she would like and you should do it in person :)


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