Should I add this guy on Facebook even though we only met one time?

A few months ago, a guy approached me and introduced himself to me but we didn’t exchange numbers.

Additionally, the months that followed, we both ignored each other and now it’s kinda awkward between because it looks obvious that we are ignoring each other.

I think he was waiting for me to make the nest move but since I am bad at this-- I think I blew it.
Now college is over and we are both home for the summer. Nonetheless, I recently discovered him on Facebook ( we share 2 mutual friends) and I was wondering if I should either write him a message and try to start over with him or add him as a friend first and then message him.

He’s probably already forgotten about me or lost interest but it doesn’t hurt, right?

Really would appreciate advice. I am always bad at making the first move and talking to guys, I’m usually oblivious to these things.

But this guy seems really sweet and outgoing. And, I kind of felt bad for ignoring him; I wasn’t doing it on purpose honestly. And now, he probably thinks I’m mean and I really want to start over with him. So, should I add him? Or did I screw up and should just move on? Thanks! Really would love to hear you guys’ input. :)


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  • I would move on. If was going to happen, it would have done so by now.


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