I don't know what to do about my crush?

The guy I have a crush on knows that I have a crush on him (FYI, my crush and I haven't talked, but we've made really prolonged eye contact, and I've seen him looking at me more than once. We knew each other when we were younger, but we stopped talking after 4th grade). My friend and him were talking, and my friend asked my crush of he liked anyone, and my crush said no. Then my friend told my crush that I liked him, and according to my friend, my crush said 'Oh, huh'. This happened Wednesday of last week, and on Monday of this week we both had the same lunch. According to my friend Sarah, she saw him looking at our table, and when he made eye contact with her (she was watching him to see what he was looking at), he quickly looked away. He then looked back at the table, right at me, a few seconds later, at least that's what my friend told me. I'm really confused because he said he didn't like anyone, but now there are times when I see him just staring/glancing at me. I don't know where I should go from here, and I would really like to start something, if possible, with my crush. Anyone have any advice?


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  • Give this guy a chance.
    Much of what you're saying is based on second-hand knowledge; don't rely on it. Have faith in what YOU see him do and how YOU see him act. And if you feel that shows he likes you, go for it.
    Take that first step, and see if he really is into you.


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  • He might just be a shy guy. Try doing something to get his attention more, or show that you like him.


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