So this guy I'm seeing is 27 and I'm 19?

He has a kid that lives in his home town and she is 6. He wants to date me and he is head over heels for me but I don't know what he wants? Like is he just having fun with me right now and that's all he wants or do you think down the road he will want kids? Like getting married and having kids is what everyone thinks about before they hit 30 and I'm not even thinking about that right now, I basically am a year out of high school. Should I ask him what he wants from this? Or just let it work itself out?


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  • Ask him what he wants out of the relationship between you too. But I'm gonna say now, the chances of it working out are very unlikely. You two are in two completely difference stages in life. It'd be very hard to relate to each other in anything other than superficial things. I've learned this from a personal experience. I was 18 he was 26. Lasted about 2 months. It's just that it's hard to relate to one another. And plus, you said yourself you're not thinking about marriage and having kids. Someone his age usually is. Safe yourself the hurt and find someone closer to your age. It's A LOT better, trust me.


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