Is the best way to get a girlfriend or get dates to connect, share contact info, and then ignore them?

I had a long talk with a good, very attractive female friend.

She chatted with me about texting and how guys get friend zoned for replying to a text in a timely manner. Girls seem to want guys to reply in a timely manner, but when we do, we look desperate and boring.
So the only way to get a girls attention is to receive texts, and then not reply.



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  • This probably works well if the girl has lots of free time or low self-esteem.

    I have little free time and I really like myself, so if a guy doesn't text back habitually I just kind of cross him off the list. It doesn't matter if he's ignoring me or just busy, to me if there's no response there's no interest, which is fine, because there are, or will be, more guys.

    In my opinion, people who are seeking validation of their worth want to be liked by those they perceive as socially superior to them. Some of that superiority/ethos is achieved by remaining aloof and elusive, which would mean that the opposite, reliability and timeliness, is evidence of a person's lack of social engagements/commitments/prowess. Erego, women who need to be validated will always place a premium on being ignored, because the few times they AREN'T ignored by the more socially valuable person is intoxicating...until the high dissipates and they need it again.

    You can do what you want, but I'd stick with women who don't worry too much about all of that stuff to begin with. If she's jonesing for constant proof that someone she perceives as valuable finds HER valuable, she's got bigger problems than her ever-increasing friendzone.


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  • i dont find it desperate. but it depends what he's texting. if we're actually talking about something, dont you dare ignore me. if its something stupid, it gets very annoying.
    i hate people who ignore me. if you're busy, just tell me.

    • You say, don't you dare ignore me, but that gets you thinking about him. And if you are thinking about him waiting to text, you are not thinking about the guy who you are texting back and forth. Non texting guy wins.

  • Haha! No! I hate it when people reply late to my text messages! I am a speedy text-er. And I like it better when I don't have to wait around for someone to text back. That gets on my nerves and I quickly get bored and stop chatting altogether.
    But then again this is not only for guys I like. I am talking about normal friends.
    But either way, making a girl you like wait for your messages deliberately doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

  • No, you don't play games. If you are busy that's one then, but to not reply just because, isn't necessary

    • If the guy replies, he looks desperate.

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    • I apologize, but your age might be a factor to your opinion here. I am 29 and all my younger female friends are saying it looks desperate. Girls in their mid 20s seem to be the masters of texting social rules as they are probably the first ones who grew up with this being a common part of dating and social life.

    • So, wasn't your reason for bunnahies response?

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  • LOL what? I'm not sure, I don't text very much. But when I do, I'm almost always rather callous about it. I don't think that's particularly attractive though, it's pissed off my previous girlfriends more than anything really

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