Girls, do you like my dating profile?

Ok so girls always look at my profile after I message them but rarely ever do they respond and if they do message me back they usually won't respond back again. I know girls have tons of guys messaging them so maybe that's the main problem. The thing that baffles me is 90 percent of the girls that view my profile have read my message I sent them.

Here's my profile:

I'm hoping to meet a nice down to earth type girl to hopefully start a relationship with. I like to explore new places and just be spontaneous and try something different without an exact plan in mind. There is no point in planning something out when plans end up changing and get thrown out the window. Also I tend to be a little bit shy and awkward when I first get to know someone, but I open up shortly once I feel more comfortable, just fyi. Most people would describe me as very dependable and a hard worker. I tend to be a bit stubborn, but don't worry it's in a good way. It's what makes me meet most of my goals I set:) by the way I'm totally random, people try to figure out why I do things the way I don't and they just shake their head. lol I couldn't even tell you half the time why I did something the way I did. Message me if you want to know more:) Good day ladies.


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  • I've never been on a dating site, so I don't know much about dating profiles.
    But, I personally don't think there's anything wrong with what you
    said in yours.

    I know the two people who answered, said it was boring.
    But, I thought it was honest, sincere and genuine. And, when
    someone goes on a dating site and reads a profile. isn't that
    what they want? I mean, if they don't know much about you how
    would they know if you were there type or not? So, I think
    it's a good profile and you should stick with. Because, somebodies
    going to read it and appreciate it.

    • I changed it and made it shorter. When I look and see 100 plus girls look at my profile and not one response, something is wrong with it.

    • Well, I didn't think anything was wrong with your old profile. But, I hope this new shortened one works out for you. Good luck :) Just remember to always be yourself and don't change yourself to fit society's dating "normal". Okay? Also, don't think just because a girl veiws your profile and doesn't respond, that it's something to do with your profile. Whether woman admit or not, they're VERY picky nowadays and it doesn't take much to turn them off. So, that's not against you. It's just how woman today are, again good luck : )

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  • It looks alright. It comes from you and you're not copying that from somebody.

  • Here are some suggestions Leave somethings to the imagination and flirt more u should make it shorter don't add to much about u r self and finish it by sayin if u wanna kno more just ask I am a open book

    • I changed it and shortened it.

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    • That way they won't think it's boring, just short and leaving them wondering.

    • Exactly I mean when u look at a profiles what made u wanna message them? Did u like the long drawn out life stories or the short and to the point ones that make u wanna aske question s

  • It mostly just sounds kind of bland. Maybe try shortening it , adding a little more pizazz to it , find better ways to word things. Let them figure out some of that personality for themselves. (:


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  • The problem in your description jumps right out to be honest with you. You didn't mention being rich famous or popular. You didn't mention driving a Lamborghini BMW or Porsche. Or that you go on vacation on your yacht. You didn't say you were a doctor or lawyer. And you're asking us what went wrong?

  • take this line out. it suggests low confidence: "Also I tend to be a little bit shy and awkward when I first get to know someone"

    there's a mistake in this line: "by the way I'm totally random, people try to figure out why I do things the way I ➤ don't and they just shake their head."

    the word the arrow is pointing to should be "do" not "don't". or was that a moment of you being totally random?

    Overall it sounds a bit boring to me. I wouldn't date you. if you were cute though, I might fuck you.

    • oops. that's a bad typo. I'll try to fix these things. Really I just hate writing dating profiles. I don't see how someone is supposed to get an idea of who someone is by reading a paragraph.

    • maybe start off with something like this: "i'm a bad mother fucker. I do what I want, when I want. don't give me no shit"

      it'll more time than i have to think of more.

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