She said she wasn't ready to date yet. What do I do?

she said this

because your my friend (one of my very few) I'll tell you honestly I'm not ready to date yet. I just don't see myself as ready for that. but I do want to be friends (oldest line in the book, sorry for being unoriginal)

it's really bothering me because I don't know if it's a plain out no or she doesn't really know . should I ask her about or wait. it's just really troubling to me it seemed really cryptic.


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  • sorry bud but it sounds like she was trying to find an excuse to say no. dating is one thing anyone can be ready for, commitment is the thing people have a problem with. if it were a "i don't think I'm ready for a committed relationship speech" then I would suggest waiting around for a bit, but this girl seems like she's just not interested. There are plenty of girls out there. I'm sure you'll find someone better. if she can't see how great of a guy you are, she's not worth your time.


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  • That sounds like a straight up no.


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  • Sorry buddy, move on. Date another girl asap, and stop thinking about this girl.

    Just remember, is her lost.