Sometimes my mouth needs to take a vaction... How can I get him to talk again?

I met this guy about two weeks ago. We hit it off great. Talked all week long, he said he couldn't wait to see me again..
The weekend came, and he never responded to my texts.

I got mad, spouted off because of my impulsiveness, now he won't talk to me. :(

I reacted because the last two guys I was dating started to ignore me when they found someone else.. so I assumed that was the case here. I was just standing up for myself so I didn't get hurt, but ended up hurting myself anyways.

I was wrong for what I did, and I know I should have been more patient, but why wouldn't he just respond? If he had nothing to hide, what would cause him to be so distant?

I want another chance - will he come back around?


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  • Just talk to him in person, tell him why you did what you did and how it made you feel, focus on how it made you feel and not what happened.

    • He won't talk to me to even get that chance. Any way I can have him meet with me?

      I was trying to protect myself so I didn't get hurt again. Is that really that bad?

    • If he won't even give you a chance, that's your answer right there. Everyone has different perspectives and sees things differently, just because something seems minor to you doesn't mean it will seem minor to the other person. I don't think you did the wrong thing, you just did what you thought was right.

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  • "Why wouldn't he just respond? If he had nothing to hide, what would cause him to be so distant?" - What exactly is he hiding?

    If I was that guy, you would have lost your chance. No guys wants to have a girl blow up his phone because he's busy one weekend. Especially, if they're not in a serious, long-term relationship. Cool down next time. Texting back isn't mandatory. It's not supposed to be an instantaneous conversation but rather a quick-paced e-mailing system where someone is free to respond at their leisure.

    • I don't know. But it's just common courtesy to say to someone, talk to you later, I'm gonna be busy the rest of the night, or even have s good weekend. I don't understand how a guy will text someone all week long, and as soon as 5 pm on Friday comes, drop them like they don't matter.

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  • You always have to keep one thing in mind just because you would Handel something one way doesn't mean someone else has to. Maybe he wanted to take his time to get back to u or cAll u instead of texting , maybe something happened you never know. You really need to relax and not take out your past relationships ruin your future. You keep doing that you won't ever be happy. Guys are guys they don't think or feel or act like women do so stop over reacting. I would tell him u are sorry that u were wrong explain how u felt and not contact him again. Give him his space ! If u smother him he will be gone for good. If he doesn't come back just take this experience as a lesson learned.