What to say to girl you like and how to compliment her?

What to say to a girl you like and how to compliment her


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  • Always only say the truth. If you're not liking something don't feel the need to compliment it just to get attention from her.

    I like it when guys tell me I look cute and if they compliment a specific feature, like my smile or hair. Or even just a wow, you look great!

    Compliments about my personality are even more valuable. Things like I'm a kind person, they really like talking to me, etc.

    If you really want to win her over, compliment her links and personality. Then she'll know you're really attracted to her, inside and out.

    • What do you mean by compliment her links and personality?

    • Looks means complimenting her physical appearance. Personality means complimenting things about her and her qualities, how she carries herself, etc.

    • Complimenting both shows her you're attracted and interested in her for her

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  • Don't compliment her out of obligation. If you compliment a girl, you should really mean it. So to compliment a girl, all you have to do is say the truth; tell her what you like about her. If you like her smile, tell her that. If you think she's really funny, tell her that too. You get the idea.

  • Say that she is beautiful, don't say pretty! I personally love it when guys call me cute and funny.
    The best thing anyone has said to me was "I think you're beautiful on the inside, but you're gorgeous on the outside."

  • Literally just compliment her clothes or just tell her she looks cute. It works for ANY girl.

    • I will met this girl for the 3 rd time and I didn't compliment her before so is it okay or I lost something

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    • But I was looking to wait for a while cause I don't want to be a pushy or needy guy

    • Complimenting a girl doesn't make you pushy or needy though... it just makes you look like a nice person..

  • Don't say "I like your shoes."
    Say "You look good/cute/hot in those shoes."

    A girl wants to hear that she looks attractive, that you noticed her not her ballet flats.

    • Or just a simple, "You look great," with a genuine smile and hug when you greet her will go a long way.

    • But I met her only twice shall I wait cause I don't want to be needy guy

    • I don't think its needy to compliment someone. If she looks great tell her :) I appreciate it when I guy compliments me the second time I see him.

  • As everyone else said, just speak from your heart and don't rehears it :)
    Personally i like it when guys don't just compliment on my looks but what's underneath too :)


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  • i will tell my story...

    i know my crush's favorite color. its MAGENTA..
    i weared that color shirt one day. the next day she worn the same color her fav...
    i observed it and ensured i want to meet her alone. acted as if i accidently meet her near elevator. she saw me and smiled and then i struck conversation. isn't it ur fav color? she said Yeah!!! then i said "Take this as my honest and sincere compliment. you make this color look good" She smiled with her eyes glowed... so u can try this if u want with her ;)

  • To tell her she looks pretty or beautiful would be a mistake, if you don't already know her well.The girls who tell you to do that would run a mile if they heard that from a stranger.Complimenting what she has no control over is not smart.
    You'd do much better if you compliment her on the way she does her hair or her choice of clothing.You're complimenting her ability.

  • Again,
    -It is not WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it.
    Vibe is important when we interact with any person.

    • Explain please give example

    • For example,'' You are intoxicating to look at/I like how you dress, it just made me adrealine rushhh''
      Say it with good, loud and positive vibe, it shows that you are not embarrassed to say these things, and it makes you good-confident.
      However if you say it with mild, timid voice, she's going to look, ''wow, this guy, what's he doing? '' it makes compliments less impact on the girl.

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