How does a double blind date work?

My friend asked me to go on this double date. He does not know anything about this girl, but to make matters worse he wanted me to go on this date with her friend which I have never met, and what are some good opening topics to open with. have been on dates but never on a double date, so my last question is what are the parameters of a double date?


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  • Ok, so by the sounds of it y'all are planning on going to a restaurant...big mistake! That is so cliche and just ripe for awkwardness (as if blind people aren't awkward I right?) Take them to one of your favorite bars that isn't too loud. You can have a few drinks relax, play a couple of bar games (bitches love bar games). If the date isn't going good, no big deal you can leave when ever. If the date is going well, take them bar hopping to another bar that is a little bit louder and has music etc...

    First dates should never be in a restaurant, they should be cheap and somewhere y'all can do stuff besides stare at each other at a table (obviously, they won't be starring much since they're blind but you get my drift).