Will I ever get a date even if women treat me like air?

I'm a guy in college. I'm pretty tall and about 30 lbs overweight. I put effort into being well groomed and clean just so you know the fat people stereotypes like bad body odor don't apply to me.

I'm in pretty good shape physically, I just ran a half - marathon but the excess weight is undeniably there.

I'm 23 now and have never been on a date. I feel like asking out a girl would be totally pointless because in class I get totally ignored and all the women are so pretty I can't imagine them giving me a shot.

I know a good thing would be to lose the weight and I'm trying but I'll still be the same person after.

Do you have any advice where a guy like me could meet a girlfriend?


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  • "if women treat me like air?"

    You mean they treat you like a commodity they would die without, and need 24 hours a day?

    • Ok the metaphor was bad but I meant the visual aspects of it - like I'm invisible

    • The metaphor indicates your mental state. I took it as a positive, you took it as a negative.

      If you could change your mental state, you'd be better. But you can't, because ironically your mental state won't allow you to believe in so simple a cure, and thus you're stuck.

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  • This such a big problem in America. People are so obsessed with looks and not personality. To be honest I don't care. You have to find a girl like me. I am interested in the looks of people and their physical attributes, however if you are nice to me and you're funny and kind and you have the characteristics that I like, then I see no problem with you being who you are. Just be nice. Go get them tiger. And put the moves on her but don't lay it too thick. :)


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  • The other guy said it. You have a poor, defeatist attitude which will get you nowhere.

    • You're probably right but my female friend told me what the girls in my class think about me and let me tell you I would have no shot whatsoever with them.

    • Listen, you're determined to be a wuss. You got two people right now telling you that your insecurity is the problem, and you come right back with "I have no shot"...well no shit, Sherlock. Of course you have no shot if you are scared of them.