What girls assume when a guy asks to hang out?

When a guy ask a girl to hang out, do the girls assume that he is into you? And if so, will you go out with him even if you are not interested in him?

I ask this girl to hang out to know her better. We did hang out and everything looks fine so far. Because, now I know her and she is not a crazy-psico, I'll ask her out on a date.


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  • In general, yeah I do assume they're interested in some form. But I hardly ever turn guys down who ask this because most of them I really don't know well yet and so I'd like to give them a chance. I don't consider it a date, I will pay for all my stuff and what not. Basically, I just see it as a no-pressure way to hang out with someone who seems alright and who you want to get to know. I kind of prefer it to straight-up dating actually.


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  • I know that they are interested in me, however, I will pay for my own stuff because I will only want to know them as friends. I'm shy, if it is straight up date when I barely know the guy, puts a little pressure on me. I rather date guys whom I have known for a while and know I enjoy spending my time with them.


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