I have a serious boyfriend but...?

I have a serious boyfriend of almost 5 years, but due to a couple of nasty breakups in the past my parents are not his biggest fans. I want to get married and have children and a family, but without their acceptance I'm not sure how that will ever happen. If it weren't for this, I would have no doubts about our relationship.

There is a guy I just recently met that I find myself slightly attracted to, however we met through our parents. It isn't a "set up" but it still kind of felt like one. I would really like to hang out and talk with him without our parents there, if for nothing else but to get to know him better. The problem is I'm assuming he knows about my boyfriend and is afraid to contact me because of it. I don't want to be forward but I really want to talk to him. He has quite the relationship history as well for the little bit I've heard and I really want to know more. Any advice?


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  • Break up with your current boyfriend. The fact that you are interested in pursuing another person whether it be romantic or not means that part of you is not fully committed to your boyfriend. It is unfair to have someone when they deserve your full attention. You've stated your doubts for long term prospects and the acceptance seems to be an issue and something you yearn for. You will always have those issues. It is probably better for your boyfriend to not always feel like he doesn't measure up to your family's standards and find someone who is crazy about him. If a woman is 100% crazy about a person, she doesn't even see other men. Part of you is interested.


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  • You should break up with your boyfriend, don't lead him on if you think there's no way its going to work out. Then you will be free to pursue the new guy.

    • If I could convince my parents of his good side it would be fine. I'm just not sure how to handle that, given that their opinions mean a lot.

  • WHY do you want to talk to the new guy when you have a 5 year relationship with your boyfriend?

    What the hell?

    • I dont want to start dating the guy or cheat, I'm NOT that type of person. Just seems like we have a lot in common and would be good friends. I just don't want anything to be taken the wrong way by him given that our parents both seemed interested in us as a couple and I don't know whats been said.

    • Look, you can lie to others but don't lie to yourself.
      This is not a "let's see if we can be friends" deal.

      You are too old for your parents to be setting you up on a fucking PLAY DATE. Be real, and stop bullshitting yourself.

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  • I think your interested in this other guy because youve already believe its not going to happen with you 5 yr relationship bf. seriously you need to think about who you want to be the father of your future kids and spend your life with, if its not your current boyfriend leave and see this other guy and others guys for that but if you genuinely love your boyfriend and want it to work and believe it will then dont bother with this other guy because how would you feel if this was happening to you? your parents will not be waking up to him everyday for years to come and who ever you love is left to you. The thing is your parents would want grandkids and they'll want you, they'll get used to it they will never like it but they'll get used to it. my parents were similar my mums parents still dont like my dad but they wanted to be together and they dealt with so much but you have to be a team.