Anyone else tired of dating?

Is anyone else sick and tired of dating the same old horrible people?

I know I am. Just post your frustrations, or kind words, or experiences if you like.


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  • hmmm. I'm so sick of dating, I've been single for 2 years. but it's ok because I'm busy anyways. no time for a bf, I work two jobs and go to university. I'm always busy doing something. I go shopping or I hang out with friends. I guess it's because my dating experiences were bad. my ex boyfriends were disrespectful so I have a fear of guys in general, it's like hard for me to date in general. my friends try to set me up al l the time, it gets tiring after a while. I'd like a serious relationship, I don't like dating random people till I find the one, however there are people who date random people all the time, I just don't like beign random, I like beign selective. dating is soemtimes hit an dmiss and yeah, I'm sick of it.


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  • yeh I'm really really tired too.sometimes I say I just want to be tired of his attitude,he wants his house messy and I dont.he looks for stuff like crazy on me because I move stuff he says,and he is always try and find fault with me,he wants his dirty work shoes in the living room when I'm tryin to make it look clean,he doesn't like my dog,he is a flirt,he is jealous,he is insecure,he thinks what he thinks is always right,he picks job for me or else if I'm not successful or get tired he blmes me,he blames me for everything,like dryer is clump when he doesn't really wash his cloths I do,if I don't put away the dishes on the drain after wash he gets mad like he wash it but didnt,he is a nervous person he tends to freakout on things,he likes to do stuff his way and I am very very mellow person and accepting,and I can't stand myself,i am forgiving I'm just soo tired of everything...even though he loves me soo much but its like we're not connected in a way and I just felt like I can't stay with this guy anymore its energy draining..i do love him soo much but yeh I'm soo tired..i cannot go on thinking about our future anymore,like what's life after 10 years I cant! he have totally changed since the last year,i know this is the real him now I'm dealing is like a head ache,not unless your 60 and dating 65 maybe that way it works,well at least that's how I think about it..he is fooling around too so I dnt know anymore..he is TOO BOSSY and manipulating person..

    and he is always a "you always" "you never" type of person about everything,im just soo sick of myself for having put up with this person..but not to be unfair,he is a sweet guy and caring at times..but I don't know I think its goiong down hill right now..


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