Does he sound genuine? Online dating?

I recently joined a dating site, I made my profile very detailed about myself and I made it very clear on my profile that I wasn't looking for friends with benefits or casual sex or anything like that. Got lots of messages from guys but to be honest, there were very few guys that I actually liked.
But there was one guy that messaged me and sparked my interest. He lives in the same city as me and is only a couple years older than me, he's 22. His profile made him sound nice and genuine and his profile said he isn't looking for casual sex either. According to the site, we are 90% match.
In his message, he talked about some of the video games I said I liked on my profile. Then he said "I'm not trying to bullshit you but I think you're beautiful. I know I'd be good to you but I guess you know best." When I responded he kept asking me if I had seen certain movies or if I've been to certain places in the town we live in, and he kept saying stuff like "I have to work in 4 hours but I feel like I just downed 4 5hour energy drinks" and "You made my night" and "I hope you're not catfishing me, I'd hate to get killed thinking I'm meeting the perfect girl"
Does it sound like he's a player or does he sound like a good guy? Thanks


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  • He's certainly not a player. I guarantee you that.

    If he just keeps bringing up how beautiful you are, then he might just be interested in how you look, not your personality.

    If he's not bringing up your looks other than that one time, then he's a genuinely good guy who wants to spend time with you. He enjoys the conversations over the internet, and would like to speak to you in person.


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  • He sounds like a good guy but you don't know who your really
    talking to when your online and you got be careful meeting
    people offline they can be anyone


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  • he sounds like a good guy, but you can't ever tell who someone is over the internet- they could be a dog after all. i'd still meet him in a public place of course!