Did she flake on me? please help?

here's our convo over the last couple weeks...

Me:hey, how is everything coming along?

Her:Its going well!! Job is going good wbu

Me:thats really good to hear. Im good just studying for exams next week then im done!

Me:I want to get together and have lunch with you sometime. haven't seen you in a while

Her:Okay! Just tell me when ur free

Me: Ok I will :) goodnight

(A few days later. I was going to set up the date.)

Me-hey! hows your day going?


Me- really? im sorry to hear that..what happened?

She never responded so I called and left a voicemail later.

(A few days later)
Hey...I heard ur voicemail! Thanks for worying about me but I'm fine, just crazy busy

Me-Heyy, yea I understand how busy things can get at times but im glad to hear that ur alright.

I haven't heard from her since (like a week).im kinda waiting for her to text me because I feel like I've initiated everything. What do u think she's not interested or is she? Should I go ahead and text her or continue to wait and see if she texts me.


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  • This seems like a tough one. Honestly she seemed to be texting how I'd text someone I liked but not "like that". How ever; she isn't me. Also it seems something pretty stressful could have recently occurred so I would say unless you get more information it's sort of inconclusive at the moment

  • It seems like she's not interested otherwise she might just reply your text as soon as she got it. But I think you should try to text her again and see her response. Good luck!


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