Girl I like keeps going through these "phases" Help?

So back in the beginning of the school year I met this really hot girl who is a junior (I'm a sophomore) and we hit it off relatively quickly and fast forward two months we met for an aftershool study session in the library which was filled with flirting, touching, etc. and after we were done studying we were sitting outside waiting for her ride. While we were waiting I had my arm around her and had her close to me so right there we had a sweet make out session for like 30 minutes then we kissed goodbye and two days later I asked if she wanted to hang out and she said yes but at the last minute her dad had to cancel it so we rescheduled and it was cool. But after that failed date she wouldn't answer my texts and completely ignored me at school even if I approached her. But a couple weeks ago, our relationship rekindled. Now she is very flirty, touchy feely, and constantly wants long hugs. I don't really care all too much if we have an actual relationship but I do want it to go somewhere further. What should I do?


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  • There is no way to know exactly what is going through her mind, but maybe she decided that she didn't want to hangout with you anymore, and then changed her mind. I would usually suggest telling her that you like her, but since you don't want a relationship, I don't know what you would really say.
    Ask her to hangout again. If she accepts, continue with it. If she accepts and then acts distant again, I would walk away from it. You want someone who is relatively stable, situations involving constant guessing end in disappointment 99% of the time.
    If she declines your offer, move on. Even if she declines and then warms up again later, don't fall for it.
    All you can do at this point is put it out there and end the games.
    Good luck!! :)


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