Guy problems! Please help someone...?

Two years ago, my ex (Andrew) dumped me. It was a bad break up... and I think he might be the first person I ever loved. And I've loved no one since him. To this day there's never been proper closure on our ex relationship, especially none for me anyway.

Andrew and I rarely cross paths, lucky if we do so even a couple of times a year. When I see him he will stare at me and things get awkward. His eyes go soft around me, even if his body language seems indifferent.

Lately, I've been talking to a new guy called Mark for the past 3 months. He's nice, but I don't feel that I'm clicking with him the way I did with Andrew so far. Mark is serious about me and wants me to take the step and be his girlfriend soon.

I'm too scared to do so. Lately Andrew's been crossing my mind again. I don't understand why even after so long I'm STILL struggling to move on. I pretty much feel empty and lost when I think about missing Andrew.

Mark is a lovely person, we've only just started dating (3 weeks ago) but should I worry that he's not making me feel like Andrew did? I fell in love with Andrew really fast. Should I be worried?



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  • Consider "Andrew" old mews..that guy never made his intentions clear so you are free to move on with this new exciting dude, "Mark" ... hmmm, Yummyy.. Forget about "Andrew" as he's old news and obviously not man enough to make "things happen" lol? Focus on the new MAN in your life... mmmmhmmmmm... Marrkkk... SO tell us more about this "Mark" dude? What is he like? <3

    • Well, Mark is lovely? His mum and dad died 2 years ago within 6 months of each other. He's kind, gentle, fairly shy and looking to settle down. He has his own house and is 29. I'm 21. He had lovely light blue eyes :) also thank you for answering, I should forget about the other guy!

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    • Yeah, bless him. I have done and he's coming alone well with the support :) thanks so much for your kind help!

    • No problem, Love <3

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  • I think Mark puts a lot of commitment pressure on you since you both only hang out for the past 3 months.
    You shouldn't be worried. If I were Mark, I would continue to hang out, have fun w you. Love isn't a tie for both of you, unless the time comes.

  • ugh this is a tough one. I'm thinking that getting too serious with this Mark guy, while you still thinking about Andrew is a bad idea. If you can't let go, it's just gonna' hurt the new guy in the end.


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  • No, you shouldn't every relationship is different, and I think you are holding back with this one, because you are afraid.