Who is David Deangelo, what makes him a dating expert?

When I search stuff online, I came up with his name quite a few times. He seems to be an expert on dating. How can you become one, what makes him an expert? has any of you read his books, or followed his advice?


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  • Ok I've read some of the other replies and notice that people really have some issues against not being yourself.

    Let me give a few arguments to perhaps soften this issue.

    - First off, it's comparable to women wearing make up to look hotter, pushups bra's to make their boobs look bigger and heels to look taller. They are enhancing themselves to gain more sex appeal.

    All is fair in love and war.

    -Being yourself has probably not gotten these guys laid and that's why their looking for help.

    People don't casually fall on a seduction site or buy a book by accident.

    They've admitted to themselves that they fail horribly at dating or could do better try to better their life.

    Just like women by pushups bra's.

    - Although it might seem like that at first, mystery and DD don't just give lines to pick women up,

    These lines are supposed to display a certain type of lifestyle and mindset.

    Usually that of a not needy, in demand person who has a cool life that everyone wants to be part of.

    At first ofcourse you'll be lying but eventually after miminal succes, you can start to back your statements up and will gain more confidence which will gain you more succes which will get your life in cool position and within a year or two you actually live the life of a cool person everyone wants to be part of and your lines are not just lines anymore, their actually true.

    It's like a snowballing effect.

    - Eventually, if you stick by it, your life WILL turn out for the better.

    ├Łou'll be able to understand people better, predict social situtions better, have a better sense of fashion, probably have a better body bcuz they all advice you to work out, not being walked over by men or women and be happier overall.

    So people please don't discredit them.

    They've helped millions around the world.

    • They obviously haven't helped your grammar, though. How's that for cocky/funny?

    • Are you trying to pick me up? Sorry not interested :p lol.

      Btw I don't see any obvious errors but then again English is not my principal language. Dutch is.

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  • I've never heard of David Deangelo, but what makes anyone an expert in dating is a lot of experience and the ability to give advice based on those experiences. If you have been through a lot and can express your feelings on it and people trust your judgement, you therefore become an expert.

  • David deangelo is only one of the greatest pick up artist ever! Along with style and mystery and many others I even have read pick up artist book it is an interesting life style

  • Hahaha!

    Please, from what I know that guy is by far the WORST expert on dating.

    I happened to be at my exs apt one time and were sitting in his room and I see one of deangelo's books on his night stand, so I read a few pages of it, and it was the worst advice ever. I had noticed that ALL the stuff my ex was trying to do to get me back was all in that book. He also talks about these "games" to do with girls as icebreakers, and to be perfectly honest with you if any guy ever came up to me using one of those lines I would laugh in his face and know he was trying too hard!

    Stay clear of em! You either got game or ya dont! lol

    • Thats bullsh*t, a good pick up artist would get you. Game is not just a gift, it is to be learned.. I didn't have game until I was like 19 years old.. I learned game and have f***ed 17 women since then (2 years) and for 18 of those months I was in a relationship.

      David isn't the best one. youtube "mystery method" or "afc adam lyons" these guys are f***ing amazing

    • Anonymous, I don't agree with you not because you put down david. It is because you have closed the doory for many giuys who just need some advise about how to loose uup and strike a conversation . Yes if you copy the book it sucks. But dating advise books can be a good guidance that one can tailor to his own oersonality and to the personality of the girl he is after. It is not about games, it is about getting the person you admire and wanna be with . Making them happy and interested .

    • Having "game" is nonsense. The only way to get a woman is by having good looks and a good personality and having the confidence to approach a woman.

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  • i came across a few of his things that he wrote and it's a joke.

    David deangelo and the tall guy who wears eyeliner and stupid goggles (mystery) are all full of it. They give you little lines and rules to appear like someone you are not. If you're shy and un-confident around girls than guess what? That is who you are and who you will become after the first few dates. She'll wonder, wow... that funny spontaneous guy is actually a dipsh1t.

    There are good dating advice out there but all the programs and rules books all seem like baloney to me.

  • David Deangelo (which is a psuedonym) is the leading person in the seduction biz.

    Since I'm in the biz myself my overall opinion about him is that he's not a great seduction coach, teaches very basic stuff BUT is an BRILLIANT marketeer and most seduction companies take his example to promote their product which is a long combination of promoting, selling and tricks.

    He was especially made famous trough the book The Game by Neil Strauss along with Mystery (also a very popular seduction artist).

    DD's most famous work is called Double Your Dating and is a pretty basic book explaining evolution theories and reproduction and how to apply it in your life.

    The basic message is that nice guys that always get friendzoned by girls should act more like an alpha male and apply something called Cocky And Funny which makes you seem like an arrogant but in demand person.

    After double your dating, he used another marketing technique which comes down to him releasing free seduction material that everyone wants to get their hands on BUT they have to buy the origal book first. Leading to drastic boost of sales and making sure that people continue to buy the book.

    He's a millionaire btw.

    Also, he gives seminars. Check them up on youtube.

    I personally believe he's not able to pick up women but he's able to rip geeks off.

    However, a lot of lives have changed for the better thanks to his work and it has opened the eyes of many of his clients that there is help out there for the ones that are not blessed with the ability to create instant attraction.

    Afterwards, most of his readers switch to other, better and more credible seduction artist and companies like Mystery (venusian arts) or The Inner Circle (Paragon Project, which I'm part of that's why I know so much about it :D ) and others but still remain gratefull to David D for opening their eyes.

    I wouldn't suggest reading his book since you can get the same information for free lol.

    The Company I'm part of has released a free book (also part of a bigger marketing scheme, the idea is that people get so impressed with the free material they don't feel bad about buying our commercial stuff, which is better ofcourse) that has gotten better ratings everywhere over most commericial books out there.

    Here's the link link

    Hope I've informed you enough about this topic :D


  • He is not a dating expert. Anyone who claims that a women can be "had" by a simple set of steps is a fraud. I've read his book btw. Women are NOT systematical.

    The only way you can ever truly become an "expert" is by dating. By learning real world experiences and learning to gain confidence.

  • He is one of those charlatans making money out of insecure guys. His advice basically boils down to this:

    1. Be confident when dealing with girls

    2. Always lead and never be the first to say "I love you"

    3. Always date more than one girl (preferrably several)

    4. Always tease girls and be casual

    I think these would work with certain type of girls: those who are insecure with low self esteem.

  • He's a brilliant self-marketer.

    He knows who he wants to sell his product to, and promotes himself brilliantly.

    • That's very true.

      I think that that's his strongest point; promotion.

      His teachings are pretty basic really.

  • Surely the answer is to just be yourself. No one can appeal to everyone else, and no one wants to date someone who pretends to be someone they arent. You could be the most idiotic, clumsy person in the world and guaranteed there is someone out there just like you lol.

  • David D is not only about dating. His first book, yes, but all the other material teach more than that, how to be a man, be confident, how to do certain things to attract women, how to overcome your fears and how to avoid been and wussy (yes, hi use that word a lot).

    I have some of his books and DVDs and my review is positive. But some times he over explain everything. I'm not a dating machine, but I do good and what I learn was to avoid certain stuff that girls don't like.

    Just a quick example: The other day I saw a question here. The girl ask why his boyfriend always let her choose, how to make him do it because she don't like that. David D will tell you that, girls don't like that. For you and for me is easy to see that, but there is a lot of guys that don't have a clue.

  • lol. Seriously, read this. Hilarious, and possibly/probably true account of Mystery and his bullsh*ttery.


    In fact, everyone who thinks "Mystery" is some kind of great guru and bullsh*t should read that. The man is a f***ing douche that real life people find petty and amusing, at best. He gets with women who have low self-esteem and, in general, hate themselves. Wait, I'm into a girl like that! Seriously, tell the girl that you're into her and all and don't be an asswipe that makes her recede further and fall victim to these kind of dickheads. Every relationship you have should leave the other person better and not worse for it. If you can't say that, you're either a bitch, or you're bitter. Every day could be the last day, so ask yourself if you'd rather be the guy that f***ed a lot of insecure women and made them feel worse for it or if you want to be the guy that women compare their future relationships to.

    • LOL, I just read that sh*t.. so a guy got p*ssed because he tried taking away the love of his life.. and that makes him a d***? LOL

      Its dog eat dog my friend. nice guys finish last

    • "Douche", not "d***". I thought it was funny. I don't see where there's an argument to be a "good guy". The argument is against lame methodology. You don't have to be a whiny bitch or center your whole life on a girl to get her. You don't have to play games either, though. Confidence is more than a gimmick you learn to use. It's a mindset that guys like you don't have because they're trying to be someone they're not. Be who you are. You can be smarter and better, but you can't be anyone else.

  • Well, I don't think he's any dating expert. He's basically telling people not to be themselves while trying to 'attract' girls in bars.

    He's not an expert. He is a con artist., just like many other dating experts who make quick bucks off people.

  • haha I started laughing right when I saw this question, I think littletad summed it up