Can someone help me out with wether or not he likes me?

Okay so there has been some very clear signs he likes me & then the next it's like he doesn't. So I'll start off with the good points:
- while we was on a night out drunk he said 'why can't you be a few years older so I can get with you properly.' Also during that night he got extremely jealous trying to drag me away from a guy I was speaking too & walked off in a huff when I ignored him. He later then tried to make me jealous & when he saw it wasn't working told me 'the girls weird and hugged me.' The girl he was speaking too asked if we were together and I said 'we're just friends' she later said 'it looks like he wants to be with me.'. He also held my shoes all night.

- next point while having the 'talk' he said he wasn't ready for a relationship after I suggested we stop texting he took to Twitter and writ a tweet basically saying how he's missed a chance and how he always makes bad decisions. He also said it was shit that we stop texting as he enjoyed banter with me.

- he ended up messaging me first drunk... And two weeks after I was invited around his in the morning, he even told his mum! He massaged my back we cuddled and feel asleep, then I tickled his back.

- whenever we argue he always tries to defuse things, even after trying to close the door on him so many times he always says he'll message me in a few days or how he's going to sleep as he's trying to save this.

- he jokingly asked me to marry him & we spoke relationship goals.

But then the bad stuff:
- he doesn't remember saying what he said when he was drunk. But apologised.

- he says he's not after a relationship, but then a few days later he says he's ready to settle down.

- one moment he wants me over to cuddle and the next saying it's not a good idea.

- he's speaking to other girls. And I feel second best.

What do you guys think?


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  • He Obviously, straight or stoned, Wants YOU in his life, sweetie, but is NOT ready and raring for a Real Relationship. He may say one thing today, depending on his 'Mood,' and tomorrow it will be a different tune. He's unpredictable, sporadic, and I believe if you would be too pushy yourself, he would grow Cold duck feet and run back into the murky waters.
    Go slow with him, Stay friends. It's your choice, of course, how long you may want to stick this out, for as you know nothing is a guarantee in life but death and taxes. If ol' Mother Nature has plans for you to sow the seeds you want to reap with him, it will happen. If not, it would be your call of the wild Then to either stay and continue hoping for the best, or just give this bird his walking papers and tell him to fly South.
    Good luck.xx

    • Okay this actually makes some sense!! I was thinking about next time he drunk messages me to come over text back 'you just wanted to be friends lets try keep it that way, I'm sure one of your other girls will help keep you company. Have a nice night.' Will it still be okay to send him this? Is it a good idea? Will it make him realise he's loosing me? & know that I'm not okay with putting up with it? Or do you suggest something else entirely?

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    • Okay I'll just say 'you wanted to be friends lets just try keep it that way, until you've made your mind up of what you want.' ... Ahaa he hasn't got a drinking problem, he goes out once every other weekend but doesn't know when to stop. Typical lad.

    • Yes, okay, I see...And being 'typical' of a freedom loving lad at xx

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  • I'm guessing Confucius is his last name...

    • Ahaa yep!! I just don't understand him! At least it's not just me confused

    • Without joking. I think he does not know what he wants at this point of his life. Can be that he has to many options too choose or he is simply afraid of commitment. The drunk thing can be good and bad, because the alcohol inhibits our conscious self so we tend to act as we really are or wanted. So every time he say something he may means he just blame it to the alcohol. My advice hang in their a little while and tell him how you feel, that way you won't say to you later, what could happened?

    • I know he has been tied down with work a lot lately doing mental shifts and hasn't really got time for anything else! The commitment thing is also true after our talk he did also retweet the name for the fear of change. He was cheated on in his last relationship 2 years ago and hasn't got back on the saddle since!

  • I'd say he's playing around. He knows you have interest in him.


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  • that dude is sending too much mixed signals

    • Tell me about it! I can't understand what he wants!

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    • I know he has respect for me as he's told me he has & that I'm a 'sound girl'

    • consider it as a sign that he likes you