Should I keep talking to this guy? Help?

So I've been talking to this guy for a while now like 6months we do the couple stuff all the time we're together but every time we walk by his exs house he walks a little distance from me leaving me sorta behind. He brings her up at least once every time we hang out. And last time he was telling me about her and I thought it was weird cause he knew about her so much so I asked why he knew and he said 'my friend told but me but I don't know why she told me if I don't care' you guys think his friend really brought it up ordid he ask? Plus he never wants people too see us together or at least people we know? What do you guys think I should do?


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  • If he doesn't want to be seen with you and especially around people who know the both of you, he isn't really into you. You can't continue to be his little secret. You'll just get hurt in the end babe.

    • I was thinking he'll change by time but your right I guess I'll have to put a stop to it..thanks ♥

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  • STAY AWAY. Far far away. Red flag- major red flag. He's NOT over his ex.