What can I do to meet some new people?

What activities do you do? Do you do anything alone?

My group of friends aren't particularly outgoing and usually do the same sort of things: sports, chilling round each others houses etc.

I'm self-employed, so I don't have any co-workers and am not forced to interact with anyone during the day. What are some new things I can do to get out in the world a bit more?


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  • Well, my fave activities are reading, writing and drawing, so yes, I spend lots of time alone by necessity. At least, if you don't count interacting with fellow writers etc. online as socializing.

    But I do practice the following:

    1. Volunteer for charity
    2. Sign up for classes (without my friends)
    3. Attend a poetry recital/ art exhibition etc.
    4. Go hiking

    You could also try these:

    1. Attend a party
    2. Join some sort of club/ society
    3. Attend a lecture/ debate/ forum
    4. Go travelling

    [Alright, I just named more stuff I want to do but haven't done much of yet.]

    But sometimes, meeting someone new can be as simple as being brave enough to start a conversation. Like when you see someone reading a book you like on the bus. Saying hi to your barista. That sort of thing.

    Good luck! :)

    • Thanks for the detailed answer. I've been considering volunteering for a while. How's your experience with it so far? What are the other volunteers like?

    • Ah, how do I put this?

      The people you'll meet there are essentially good -they're all trying to help -but it doesn't mean they don't have their quirks and faults. And when you sign up for the long-term projects, like cobbling together an event, the amount of time and effort it demands can add to your stress. If you have any demons, your encounters with the unfortunate may have your trauma staring back at you. And sometimes when you're depressed and looking at the big picture, it makes you feel frustrated to be doing so little.

      But sometimes, you don't want to look at the big picture. Sometimes, the smile on a kid's face is everything you need. Sometimes, being part of this thing, bigger than yourself, finishing something you thought impossible -as a team -brings an exhilaration or soft satisfaction like no other. And it's worth it.

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  • Try meetup.com

  • Parties, clubs, bars. Those are usually the types of places where people are looking to meet new people or have a good time.


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