Like this girl but never spoken to her?

I stared helping out in sport at my old school and I was helping out in a year 11 lesson (their 16) and I saw this girl that I really liked I never spoken to her cause I was asked to help a student that was struggling with the subject.

She send me a friends request on Facebook early in the year, I want to message her on Facebook cause that's only way I can talk to her now.

But I didn't want to come across a weirdo so how would I be able to start a with conversion her?

I'm 18 and she is 16 coming upto 17?


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  • Start a convo on fb, it's easy just say hi :) and what's up, then the conversation between you two will go easly, after a while if you see she's interested, ask her to a coffee shop or wherever you want to take her.. :D And the age difference is not a problem :D Good luck!

    • Just quick question if a guy that you only saw once or twice just messaged you on Facebook wouldn't you think it's a bit weird

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    • Alright thanks, just one more thing do you think I should wait until she officially leaves school which is next month or should I just go for it

    • Don't wait, do it. You have nothing to lose. :)

      Can you answer my qst, tittle is smth like this 'I've got this feeling that no one will date me..etc', please :)

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