How should I talk to her?

So I had a thing for this girl a few years back we never rele became friends, but we did try and hang out once last year. In school this year I never rele saw her around soi never had a chance to get to know her then either, but now I've got a thing for her again and it's the middle of summer I don't have her number anymore. Is it even worth trying again cause last time we both were not up for dating anyone, and how should I try talking to her were friends on f-book and MySpace but it think online a little awkward any ideas suggestions?


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  • I think you should just ask her for her number since you have her as a MySpace friend and in Facebook...or ask your friends for it..try to get a conversation starting about dating and see if she's up to dating now.. she might of changed her mind...and of course is worth trying you ain't gonna loose anythig for doing so.. =) good luck...


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