How can I casually ask him out?

There is this new, hot guy I met a few days ago at my school and we have talked a little since then. He is from foreign country and he recently moved to my city. He wants to get to know the city better, so I see my opportunity here.

I want to ask him out next weekend, but I don't know how to do it without looking too desperate, or creepy etc. There is also one problem - we can speak together only in English language, and that's not my native language, and I often don't know what to say when I'm nervous. And I'm little nervous around him. Also we don't know each other very well yet. So I need some advice about what should I tell him.


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  • actually i have a poll going that ask what girls and guys what they think of a girl asking a guy out, turns out guys don't have a problem being asked out. "go for it, ask him out!"

    • well, I am not very confident person, so that might be a small problem for me :/

    • well you could try talking to him like he is just one of your friends, and if the conversation goes well you can try asking "would you like to go out some time". If your cheerful and he find you attractive he won't say no

    • I can try that :)

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  • Just say " hey there's this movie that's out right now, you want to go watch with me?" something simple like that, the simpler the better, don't need to over complicate things.


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  • Hi, I think you are cute. If he says it back to you, ask him out