I dont know what to do or how to act.?

So im 22 and I've never had a boyfriend, and iv slept with 3 guys. First one i was in love with and we dated for a long time but he was a total douche to me, the 2 one was a one night stand, the 3 one was a guy i dated, the last guy i dated who was amazing but i guess some personal issues and bad timing was going on and he pulled himself away from me again breaking my heart, because he was so kind and so nice and sometimes you meet a person and its so easy and effortless, and he was that kind of guy and we had so much in common.

Basically im sitting here thinking what is the point? what is the point of trying and trying and always ending up falling and getting hurt, i like being alone and not have that bubbly feeling and be okay and not sad because someone makes me feel like im not worth it.

I've devided to never date, and i mean it, im never going to do this, I've learned my lesson, and I've dated 5 guys total and it hasn't been great until the last guy i dated which i mentioned above.

Why date and meet a great guy and not have it work out?
So how do i deal with this?
Im tired of giving my all and falling


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  • :), you are still very young.

    You will date again we both know this :).

    Here is best I can tell you:

    Pain sucks but it is the pain we go through that makes us better stronger people. It also allows us to gain greater enjoyment from the good parts of life.

    Second best piece of advice is make sure you are happy with and love yourself. It is very hard if not impossible to sustain a relationship if you are not content with yourself.

    Last thing is dont try to make the wrong guy the right guy it will fail every time. That is you can not change people nor should you allow infatuation to cause you to overlook the negatives of a person.

    • very wise words, but you've clearly never been a 22 yr old girl :P.

    • Maybe its because im use to be alone and once i meet someone i get comfortable to fast and can't lt go+ and get hurt

    • My words are true as your feelings are. No I was never 22 yr old girl :). Your heart will mend with time that is how it works. Know 1 thing make sure you are happy with self; you see this is only way to be happy in relationship.

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  • Heartache is most painful when you're very young and when you're old, but not as painful in between. When you're young and in love for the first time and you get dumped, it hurts the most. Next time isn't as bad, 3rd time even less, but when you start getting older and older, imagine being 50 and getting divorced, that's gonna hurt a lot. You're still on the young side, even though it's always frustrating when things don't work out, it won't hurt as much before and hopefully you'll find the guy you need somewhere in the middle.

  • We all fall and gwt hurt, you ask what is the point? The point is we will all end up falling and we will always get back up because in the end no body is perfect, life can be a mess, you just got to take those good moments and remember how happy they made you no matter how long or short time you had with them.

  • Always wish this post has a picture so I could see if she's my type.

    Im tired of the games and would love to meet a great person, but for someone reason the only ones i see posting this kind of stuff tend to be out of shape and unattractive women.

    And that mentally makes me think that the girls I do have interest in can never be like this and will always lead to drinking, partying and mind games.


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  • I did the same thing, but I think I got hurt a bit more than you, not belittling you pain. I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to caught up again, and I stuck to it.
    I went 19 months without even a one night stand, and I got my life going in the direction I wanted it in, and focused on what I needed. I moved Three months ago, but the move got messed up and we had to go into emergency housing. On the first night I went down to the communal kitchen to cook dinner, I walked in and this guy was stood there, cooking tea too. We just clicked, it was effortless and sweet. It just happens that way if you take time out. You stop accepting dates from guys that are only 'ok' and then someone amazing strolls into your life, and casually asks what your doing this weekend... get out of the game for a while. it works wonders.

    • But the last guy i dated was like that, it was so effortless and sweet and it was so easy and fun, but suddently he pulled away and i dont really know why, we are still friends but we dont talk, and he even said he liked me etc etc, he got out of a 6 year long relationship last year and he said he wasn't looking for anything serious now, I've been so patient but i feel like whats he point, ? i enjoy being alone and i hate it when someone comes and ruins that

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    • ye :)

    • You obviously have a good head on your shoulders, you will survive. The next guy will be even better, even if you don't believe it. And it is ok to need love, we all do. Good luck love. xx

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