Would you guys where a necklace if your girlfriend would give it to you as a gift? Lady's have you given your boyfriends a gift Like a necklace.?

Would you guys take a gift for your girlfriend if it was a necklace and why or why not and lady's do you ever give your boyfriend or husbands a necklace , as a gift and why or why not.

When can you give a gift can you give a gift to a crush I mean not an exspensive gift to just tell him like you like him.

So please help


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  • I've never worn jewelry in my life. I have myself described as "Old Fashioned" on this website, and it's because of little reasons like this. I don't have any desire to ever wear jewelry because that's simply not what men do. Men look weird in jewelry, WOMEN look good in jewelry, not guys.

    So, my girlfriend certainly wouldn't know me well if she got me a necklace as a gift. I'd play it off as nice, and put it on initially, but we'd probably not be together much longer because she certainly doesn't understand me. And then I'd have no reason to wear the necklace anyways.

    • Well that's kind of mean to do that he what if the necklace was exspensive then would you keep it on

    • I have guy friends that wear necklace I think it's cool my friend Ben does. I think if a guy wears a necklace I think that makes him more handsome

    • That's just not my personality

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  • I wore a necklace given to me once.


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  • Necklaces are gay. Only tools wear them. The only time it's OK is if it is sentimental. Like a charm he got at birth/at some point in his life or an ash vial of a parent's/loved one.

    • What is wrong with a guy wearing necklaces , geesh I think it's cool. Why do you have to say gay and tool it's mean to call a guy that because he wears a necklace my guy friends Ben wears necklaces and he is handsome in them

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