Single people, what advice are you tired of hearing?

If you're single and want a relationship, what don't you like hearing people tell you?

A self-described "happily married" coworker recently said "you're not missing much". Well, I've been officially single for almost ten years and have been treated like shit and sometimes feel like damaged goods, so I would like to know what it feels like to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship.

"Don't think about relationships!" Don't think about elephants!

"You're such a great guy/girl! Someone will see that soon!"


Most Helpful Girl

  • "You'll find someone once you stop looking."

    "Just be yourself, and someone will come along and love you for who you are!"
    (even though, as another person here said...being myself is most likely the PROBLEM!)

    "You're not missing much / You're missing a lot of unnecessary drama"

    "Maybe you give off bad signals and aren't acting approachable"
    (despite me being as cheery, nice, and smiley as I can to everybody I meet and see, and actively trying to be a approachable as I can)

    "Nobody can love you until you love yourself...people can tell!"


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What Girls Said 4

  • "You're so pretty, amazing, smart and kind! Every guy should want you!" Key word: should. My friends always say this to me, and while that feels good, they've had 2 or 3 boyfriends where I'm still single.

  • I dont get advice. i do get you are single because you want to be

  • You're awesome! Your going to meet someone when you least expect it! It just takes time.

  • Let your confidence shine through and the rest will follow. No confidence is not what makes a man first want to talk to you

    Why don't you like him he's funny?
    he is not my type and I do not settle

    let love come to you
    Um im not looking for love, im just trying, to get my s*it together

    Go to an online dating site
    No, i do not go out with my friends just so, i can go to an online dating site


What Guys Said 4

  • Not being said to me, but many of my male friends are being told the classic "just be yourself, the right one will come along".

    You fools!. You ARE being yourself, and it's not getting you any. You need to be better than you are now!

    On my case though, lately I'm getting bombarded by my mother and grandmother. "When are you going to settle down" "When are you going to have a baby".
    Sorry mom. Not going to happen.

  • "Just stop looking, it'll happen when it's meant to"

  • Well single is better than being with the wrong person and getting divorced after 5 years.

  • "Your are so lucky. I wish I could escape the drama SOMETIMES"