Do you think it matters ti a person that comes from more money and stutes that they wanna be with someone of the same statues or higher?

Just as the question says. I feel at times it matters. Like dont get me wrong not saying their stuck up or anything they can be very nice people and all. But I liked a guy that came from more money and he dated girls from the same back ground so I figure they prob have more of an understanding. And their use to that kind of statues is it a big no if your really not of the same statues even if their a great person your attracted to them etc? But because their statues doesn't match it a big deal?


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  • I suppose it would make for an easier relationship but it honestly doesn't matter to me. I'm no respecter of persons, money, or status.


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  • Yes, it matters.

  • hotness
    make me laugh

    That's it. The rest is just "nice to haves"


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