If a guy replies to all my texts but does not send a text on his own, what does that mean? Thanks.?

We have known each other since past 10 days and are not in the same geographical area.He promptly replies to all my texts but doesn't send one on his own.So it has been almost one and half days since I didn't text him and he hasn't sent a text. Should I be worried?


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  • It means he's just treating you like a normal person. He has no reason to text you.

    • Oh! But he is the one who approached me first saying that he is interested in knowing me better. In that context what does this mean? Am I over obsessing and reading too much into this-we are like 12 hours time zone difference as well! Thanks for ur response.

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  • Few reasons:
    A) Busy
    B) Acting cool
    C) Don't know how to handle.

    • Thank you.So how long should I wait before convincing myself that this will not work?

    • If you like him, just give him calls/texts more often/invite him to particular events. he SHOULD get your clues. If worst case, saying your true intentions.

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