Was this even a date? I'm so confused!!!?

This guy asked to meet up with me from a dating site and we did on Thursday, just for a drink. Then he already asked to see me on the Saturday, which I thought was a bit quick but I thought why not. So I just saw him earlier on (it's Saturday where I am) and I don't expect a guy to always pay but I offered to pay for my food and he was just getting a coffee and he said, "is that alright?" so I paid for my food and he gave me a bit of change for the drink that he got. He spoke to me about how we should go to this other place to eat another time.. But yet the second time after seeing him, he hasn't made any moves on me, nor has he flirted with me. So I'm really confused, I'm wondering if he just doesn't have much money at the moment, or if he is making it so he doesn't spend any money at all so can slowly but surely take me on dates and then try and sleep with me? (I'm not saying this because he didn't pay for my food but all I got was one drink when we first met and he paid for that, but it's also because I haven't kissed him or anything..

And the weird thing is, I don't even know if I like him I mean, if you're still not 100% sure by the second date (if you even want to call it that) do you go on the next one, or do you just leave it at that? He is a nice guy and everything but I'm just a bit confused with if it's even a date or maybe I'm just not feeling a connection, I don't know!!


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  • It's a date because that is why you are both meeting and why you are both on a dating site.
    You can't expect half the dudes to know what they are doing if they are from dating sites, half of then will be inexperienced and lack social skills I suppose. But if your still unsure go on a final date with him (it's company right?)


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  • Yes it was a date. No one hear can tell you how to feel about him.

    • but he didn't try make a move on me or flirt or anything. And I guess him not paying for the second date made me feel a bit like it wasn't a date because we're just paying for ourselves. I know no one here can tell me how I feel about him but I guess if you're a bit confused about someone, do you end up going on the next date?

    • Sometimes people just like to meet up and see what you're about before they full on flirt...IM like that as well. And If no one breaks the ice then it might not go anywhere. Some guys are clueless about how to date. If he wasn't interested in you, he wouldn't have met up with you. If you want to know what's up, ask him. That takes away any mystery or slowly fish around to see what angle he is coming from. Some guys go Dutch or pay for their own stuff as a way of not shelling out too much money on dates for people they are uncertain of. Either way, ask him and see where his head is.