What's your take on this girl I met in my class?

I met this girl in class and recently I did a study group with few other classmates. I did and she asked for my number (and she text me hers), but later she couldn't make it since she is settling in her new job. I notice since I met her she began sitting next to me in class all the way until the semester which ended early this week. I asked her what she is going to do this summer and she said just work. Something is telling me something but I'm not sure what do next. I always been then she quiet guy and when I see things like this happen I want to go for it but I'm very unsure if its wrong or right.


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  • I am sure throughout your life you have heard the old saying: "You snooze, you lose." Well, this is One time, sweetie, you need to wake up and 'Go for it' before she finds another joe at her job.
    It sounds as though she likes you, and even asked for your number, texting her Hers in return.
    Now is time to do the Right thing, not make the wrong Turn, and contact her to get together. You will never know unless you tried how Good it could be.
    Good luck.xx


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