How do guys actually meet and date girls?

It's so common yet to me it seems like something on TV that doesn't actually happen in real life

Like I'm in my early 20s and not ugly or totally antisocial, I go out most weekends, and yet I've never "met" any girls


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  • College (top place to find girls), the mall (esp if you work there), church, park, gym, etc.

    How to date girls? Woah buddy that's a whole different ball-game I mean look at what you have to do!:
    1. Make eye-contact with girl without looking like you have an eye-sore
    2. Smile at girl
    3. Walk up to girl
    4. Say hi to girl
    5. Talk to girl. Ask girl about weather or her name. Tell girl she is pretty and that you want to get to know her better so you can:
    6. Ask if she's on Facebook or better yet get her number.
    Rejected? Bummer...Try again. Repeat steps 1-6.


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  • You have to talk to them.

  • Sometimes "meeting" someone requires you to take a little initiative. I think it's possible that you are just "waiting" to meet someone hoping that the relationship will fall right in to your arms. That is the stuff of TV in most cases. In real life, most people have to help make it happen. You will meet someone eventually if you really want that to happen and are willing to try new things, new approaches. Good luck!

  • Go where girls go.

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