I think I still have feelings for her, should I try it again?

There's a particular girl living my dorm.

We met last year and I really liked her at that time. We did a couple of things together like going out, cooking, and more.
As time went on I kinda fell for her and she most certainly had a thing for me as well. However at some point we parted and went our own ways (we still live in the same dorm).
Since I still had some feelings for her I tried to avoid her at all cost. So some months later (now), whenever I see her I get this awkward feeling, so I think I might still have feelings for her.

I'm moving to a new but near place soon and I absolutely don't wanna lose her since she is an awesome person, even if it meant that it would be a platonic relationship.

Should I try it again with her?
Any advice will be much appreciated.


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  • Try again! What do you have to lose? You make it sound like a friend thing and say something like: "hey, it's been a long time, wanna watch a move or something?" And when/if you set a date, and your nearing that date, you could suggest cooking some food together, you could probably say you have some food in your fridge that needs to be used before it goes bad, and use that as an 'excuse' to wanna cook with her..


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