This guy makes me wonder why I keep my phone at all... then I remember.?

I have a non committal relationship with this guy, but we decided to be friends, because we are both single parents and so would make good allies for each other.

He texts all the time, I text all the time, mostly banter, jokes and stuff, but two or three times a week I'm summoned, and we have great sex.

I went over on Tuesday, the sex was particularly feisty and both really enjoyed it. he told me that he had used up his credit in texting me that night, and I thought nothing of it.

It's now Saturday, he hasn't texted since Tuesday night. I'm not overly concerned, because it's not a romantic thing, but wouldn't he have topped up by now?

I've sent a few messages, but not many because I obviously don't want to come across as a nut bag ha ha.

Does not having credit not bother people over 40? or is this the end? lol

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  • I don't think the guys through with you
    i just think he don't have credit to
    put money on his phone, i think you have
    great demands of a guy who can text you
    all the time cause your used to it but
    as you say you went to his house for great sex
    why not start spending time to do more meaningful
    things such as hanging out, I'm sure there are
    lots stuff to talk to in person i want girl as
    a best friend until we make a commitment to
    be in each others life's, right now you are
    both being a sex/text buddy for him, as well as he
    is enjoying what your doing yes the guy might
    get tired of the same things and if your not
    a couple don't worry if he is out getting pussy
    from some other girl or whatever he can get
    I'm for one who couldn't live that type of
    lifestyle just me. I want a one girl in my life
    who we can love one another, and whatever comes
    i don't like the idea of sex/text buddies cause in
    the long run someone will get hurt

    • thanks, but it's the only option that makes sense for us right now. We both have a lot to work through, being best friends and helping each other through these things is the best we can do. we are both enjoying it, and I wouldn't really care if he slept with other girls, that's his choice. we are in this thing because we both needed a non committal thing, so that's what it is.

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    • Good for him hooray i hope he is happy:) Peace

    • Thank You For Most Helpful:) XD
      Best Wishes in all you do ~!!!

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