How seriously to take a guy who makes no effort with contact?

I've been on 2 dates with a guy and he's now away in another country for a week for work. He hasn't been great at keeping in touch in general and this makes me question things and feel uncertain and wonder how much effort he's willing to put in to get to know someone. I would get an email once a day or less, just a few lines. Or he would take a whole day to reply to a text at times. Others he replies quickly, depends on the situation. Usually I would just accept he's not interested and move on, but he claims he likes me a lot and is a genuine guy.

I don't expect him to keep in touch while he's away, but this to me seems like he's not interested in investing in me much as a week without talking after only 2 dates puts a halt to the momentum and I start to lose interest and have doubts and think of all the reasons I shouldn't see him anymore. I like to see that someone is willing to put the effort in to touch base with me, I don't think stopping in in an internet cafe is that hard but if that's how he is then I don't feel any loyalty to him no matter how nice he may be.

Just wanted to see what other thoughts on this would be...

He's said he'd like to see me when he gets back, but really, am I being unreasonable by not being impressed by his lack of effort to touch base while he's away?


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  • but what if he dont want sound needy..

    • Keeping in touch to say hi and let me know how is trip is going is needy? And do I really want to be with a guy who has to resort to tactics to keep someone interested instead of just being himself?

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    • but tell me u like him..

    • Nah not really. I like someone who makes an effort. I feel no loyalty to him at all.

  • Not. Very.


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