How to tell him I want more? Or Should I?

So there is this guy who is really busy, he's a med student and I am grad student. I am interested in him. We had a great first date a few weeks ago. Talked a lot, but he was in rotation in the hospital and I was in exams, so we didn't see each other until last night.

We had another great time together, but it ended in sex. Also, we have this connection where we are both super comfortable with each other.

he's leaving in a year for residency (or most likely), and I'll be a student. I am not expecting to marry this guy, but I am interested. I won't get super clingy. But I am hoping I'll be more then someone he sees once and a while. I'd like to date him I am okay with not being super serious though.

I just don't want to scare him away. I am seeing no one else, and I don't want too. I feel like because I already slept with him, if I say nothing he'll think I am okay with him not really making time for me. During the time we didn't see each other, I was waiting for him to want to do something (he worked like 11 hour shifts 6 days a week and was studying), so I understood. His schedule sounds like it will be better for the next while.

I don't need a relationship that's serious nor do I want to be a random girl he sees every few weeks. Its only been two dates and a lot of talking, how do I make my point?


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  • It's only been one date.
    Way too soon for that type of talk


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  • I think you should not tell him for now. See were things go.