What is wrong here? He doesn't make me feel like a priority or like I have much meaning in his life.. Anymore.

So I've been dating this guy for about 9 months. Things started good and got even better. He was talking about stepping up to the plate and being a father figure for my son and all the good stuff I needed to hear. And I really felt he was being genuinely sincere. Around December his step dads mother had a stroke and my bf's mom took it into her own hands to help out and that's about the time he started to seem distant. Maybe because he was taking on his mothers stress and suddenly forgot about me? He's close with her and everything. The communication just decreased over night and got worse and worse. I know it changes after a couple months but damn. I don't expect to talk every second but when I'm still waiting on a reply a couple hours later and he's been online on Facebook 10 times in that time bracket, I mean really what's he so busy with that he can't make some time for me? Now he's moved for work 2 hours away and we both knew it would be harder and we would BOTH have to work harder and communicate better to make it work. He didn't want to lose me through all this moving and working in a new location. So we see each other day/night on the weekends. And that's it. So we can't really say he needs space. Last week he called me on Tuesday. This week I think two or three times. And we don't talk long. It just irks me because he's constantly on Facebook so if he has time to mingle with those people or "browse the newsfeed" then doesn't he have time for me? His fingers can tap and scroll for 30 minutes so why can't they tap to text or call me? All I asked him to do was call once a day. I don't think that's asking for to much. So lastnight he was on and off and on and off a whole bunch and still never said anything to me. So I finally texted him and he said he was exhausted and feeling really exhausted. So I get the ass end of him when he's at the crashing point. Why does until that? He's 35 by the way shouldn't he have this down better?
We see each other one day on the weekend and I stay the night and go home the next morning.
And hasn't acknowledged me yet today but has been on facebook. That's the first and last thing he does on most days. Can a person really be that nosy they are on there 10-20 times a day just looking at the newsfeed?
Thanks for replying. He's not distant when we are together. Things are amazing just as they should be. He let's me choose what we do and where we go and holds the door etc. Just sucks in the communication department.


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  • Oh my. Are there any other signs of distance? Honestly if I were in your position I would not be accepting of his behaviour. I would be telling my bf to talk to me more often and that I need to feel like a priority rather than second to fb. You know what I mean? You know him better though so..


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