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My bf was mad last night Cuz I bit his lip hard. He can be a baby. Which does get annoying. We then got in an argument about our phones n facebook. There have been guys that have in boxed me since we been dating but I didn't reply back and he knows that Cuz I've showed him. Well awhile ago I noticed he deleted these inboxes from this girl. The messages were just saying happy bday to her and asked her to be his date for a wedding. I didn't bring it up to him when I noticed it was deleted because I didn't want to argue about it. Well he got a notification on fb saying it was her bday. Which my fb will send me notifications when it's someone's bday. He said he didn't delete it and that the only thing he deletes is his history because I sometimes check it to see when he's looking at porn. Then he said it's his phone and he can delete what he wants. It just makes me wonder if he's lying about other things and deleting them.

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  • He is hiding stuff because of you spying on him.
    He likes looking at p*rn which most adults actually do but because you don't he tries hiding it.
    If you was not a suspicious controlling person he would be more open.
    I'm not being nasty or a thing though miss in just telling you straight as i was in the same boat as him and you and I could not take the hiding anymore ( I shouldn't need to I can look at p*rn if I choose) .
    I left her in the end because she was incredibly insecure and was making feel like a criminal.
    I suggest you give in and just enjoy being his gf or your gonna start having real issues between you like we did. My memory of my ex is that she is a complete control freak. And I still look at porn.

    • It just upsets me sometimes because he can be a jerk and sometimes doesn't act loving. I've asked him plenty of times if he wants to be with me or take a break or break up and he says he still wants to be with me.

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    • I'm not to worried about the p*rn as much as I use to be. But when he told me it's my phone I can delete stuff if i want makes me wonder what else he is deleting. Also I told him we should both delete our Facebook for a little since he has gotten mad about guys in boxing me but he doesn't want to because he is on some man barter page and likes to see what stuff is for sale. Which i understand that but don't see why it would be a big deal to delete it for a little.

    • It's not a big deal but it is you telling him what to do, your his partner not his parent so you can express you don't like certain things but you don't have a right to tell him what to do or make him feel really bad about the way he lives his life.
      It doesn't seem like. You to are compatible but I hope it works out for you. :))

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  • You guys seem to have serious trust issues. You need to figure out whether you can sort that out.

  • He could be or not

    • Could be or not what

    • He could be deleting it or not. If you just trust him, that's a red flag period

  • If he is hiding stuff like that he is hiding more

  • Ooops I accidently pressed on your poll