What should I say in my email to him?

About 8 years ago I met and really hit it off with this guy. Sparks flew and we were really crazy about each other. We never really dated, just hooked up and hung out. I ended up moving away and got married, and never spoke to him again. I have always had feelings for him and have always hoped I would run into him again. I am visiting some friends in the city where he lives in August, and I want to email him. I still have his old email address, no phone number or anything else. What should I say in the email? I want to come across casual. I certainly don't want him to think I've been obsessing over him all this time. But I also want him to know that I would like to see him when I am in town.


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  • hell b flattered you e mailed him and got in touch let him know your married and when you c him if you became overwhelmed in feelings for him act on it...even if you committ adultery...and if this is a guy you can't live without get a divroce...and y b casual with your feelings for him y not be a little upfront guys like that.


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  • First...I hope he knows your married and that you just want to see him! ***friend level**There's nothing wrong with seeing someone from the past if you haven't seen them in a while. You only live once! Good luck and have fun

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